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  • 02⋅Apr⋅2021: City Generator for AmigaOS 4
    New City Generator generates a random population distribution for a medieval fantasy city, town, or a village. It can be used for generating a city population distribution for Iron Crown Enterprises's Rolemaster tabletop role-playing game, or for generating a population distribution for a computer role-playing game under development.
  • 05⋅Dec⋅2020: Star Pusher for AmigaOS 4
    A cute Sokoban clone Star Pusher released for AmigaOS 4.
  • 02⋅Dec⋅2020: Second test tune for the Commodore 16

    My music routine for the Commodore 264 Series is progressing. The current features are:

    • Uses a music file format called RTED to store the music (under development)
    • Supports subsongs. Maximum number of subsongs is 128.
    • Supports custom tuning system. Default: equal temperament
    • An easy to use playback API for game programmers (BASIC and Assembly programmers alike): initialise, play, and stop.
    • Real-time amplitude mixer which allows independent amplitude levels for the sound channels
    • ADSR envelope
    • Arpeggio
    • Glissando (bend)
    • Master volume sliding
    • Slap
    • Staccato
    • Tremolo
    • Vibrato

    Everything seems to work, as you can hear from my second test tune which is a cover of Two Steps from Hell's Heart of Courage. My biggest concern is the huge memory consumption. The latest test tune eats 7.9 kB of the precious memory! The second concern is the amount of raster time required to load new instrument settings from the memory. The future challenge is to tackle these problems.

  • 14⋅Sep⋅2020: Commodore 16 tune
    A famous baroque tune by Händel has been released for the Commodore 264 Series. I wrote it for testing my new music routine's vibrato and volume slide effects.
  • 17⋅Nov⋅2019: New server
    From now on my site can be found from here: www.janne.peraaho.kapsuuli.net. My RSS feed URL has changed, too. If you're subscribing to the feed, please renew your subscribtion.


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